W Calle Medina, Tucson, AZ 85757

Property Details
W Calle Medina
Tucson, AZ 85757
1,391 SF
3 bedroom
2 bathroom  
Private Finance
Loan Terms: 5 year Balloon
No Lender Fees
Minimum Down Payment: 15%
Interest Rates
  From 12%-16%
Cash Option Purchase
or 20% Down Payment
Wholesale Price:$130,000
Plus Lender Closing Cost
Retail Price:$160,000 ARV:$200,000
TOTAL MOVE IN: (Down payment plus estimated closing costs and prepaid items)
Property Description
Solid Block construction on a corner lot fully fenced. Tile floors, eat in kitchen, hall bath w/walk in tub,lots of storage.A bonus room/den/4th BR.The sale of the property is made on an "As Is"



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