AP Capital provides short-term financing for commercial real estate all over the US. Loans for International transactions start at $5 million. As innovators, we offer you vast choices, better flexibility of terms and more competitive options to bring your project to completion, providing construction to permanent financing up to 90% of the total cost of the project. These loans are assumable and non recourse.

  • Programs for owner occupied mix use and commercial properties financing up to 90% of the value of the property.

  • Multifamily programs providing permanent financing up to 80% of the value of the property at competitive rates.

  • Programs for "Difficult To Finance"  properties including churches, gas stations, golf courses, hotels, motels, restaurants, retail stores, industrial buildings, marinas, offices, shopping centers, vacant properties, etc…

  • Loans with No Personal Income and/or Asset Verification.

  • Loans with Low Fixed Rates with up to 40 year Full Amortization.

Borrower Types:

  • Individual
  • Trust and Estate
  • LLC, Corporations, and Partnerships

AP Capital has consistently provided our diverse clients with customized solutions to enable them to reach their investment goals and providing accessibility to the entire Real Estate Commercial investment.

  • Existing, income-producing properties

  • Non-income real estate assets of defined value

  • In cases where a hard currency cash flow cannot be established, AP Capital will accept an Investment Grade enhancement in the form of a Surety Bond or a Standby Letter of Credit equal to the Net Operating Income of the property, in US dollars or other hard currency. The enhancement can be issued for a period of one year, automatically renewable, for the duration of the Loan Term. In this scenario, AP Capital can provide funds up to 98% of the present net value. Terms would be self-liquidating over 5 to 20 years. Loan amounts range from 50% to 70% of the properties’ value supported by strong cash flow and/or credit tenants, with terms of 1 to 5 years, paying interest only for the term of the loan, depending on the type of property and credit enhancements.

If you are in seek of financing for projects outside the U.S. AP Capital has the ability to arrange financing. We provide access to competitive capital and solutions. We facilitate the funding necessary to complete international transactions including but not limited to; infrastructure, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, and technology. We are able to arrange financing for U.S. and non-U.S. companies seeking to expand. We will entertain both private sector and public sector projects.

  • Financing for energy-related projects

Our comprehensive approach offers funding for your geothermal, solar or natural gas project, as well as providing access to the critical resources for completion-high quality suppliers and consultants.

No matter how unique the transaction or how large the project, for either the public or the private sector, inquire about our overseas opportunities. Tap into the power AP Capital’s global funding capabilities.

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International Finance: Canada and Mexico

Commercial Real Estate Lending Program

Loan to Value (LTV) 65%
Interest Rate 10.5%-18%
Term 1-10 Years
Finance Amount Min $5M
Lending Fees 4%
Asset & Borrower Based Lending Appraisal, and Real Estate Asset
Option to Extend Term Interest Rate Increase
Basis for loan approval Income, tax returns, financial, Real Estate assets, Proof of funds down pmt
FICO No Set Minimum
Prepayment Penalty Prepay 12 months - 24 months
Programs with alternative credit:
Foreclosures, NODs, Bankruptcy, and Bad Credit
Foreign national ITIN Number-Individual Taxpayer

Types of Properties

Office Building/Office Condo
Shopping Centers
Medical Office Health Care
Assisted Living
Bank Owned Properties
Mixed-Use Including Office, Retail, Industrial, multifamily, mini-storage
Gas Stations
Grocery Stores
Industrial Property
Retail, Self Storage, Lite Industrial
Warehouse, Class A/B Mobile Home Parks
Fully Entitled Lands Preferred

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Commercial Loan REQUEST

Commercial Loan Amounts
From 5M - 50M+

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Lending Nationwide and Lending International Exit Strategy: Last but certainly not least is the all important question, Understanding the money is expensive than a bank, how are you going to return payment of a non traditional bank loan (hard money-private money loan)? The exit strategy of a Private Loan should be believable.

All Pricing offered Loan Programs are subject to change without previous notice APC reserves the rights to amend rates & guidelines these rates and matrix are only a guide. Due to the complex nature of Residential and Commercial Private lending there are some times when we must deviate from stated pricing and LTV’s

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